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The Rise Discipleship Home is a FREE 6-month in-patient program with no waiting list. We help not only those who struggle with drugs and alcohol, but also those who battle depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. 

Every RISE student will be given a Biblical foundation that will assist in character building, and the leadership development to approach life in a new light.


If you know anyone struggling and would like to see them get the help they need today you can contact our intake number: 325-232-8544


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Support the Rise Discipleship Home!

We need your help.


The Rise Discipleship Home is a 6 month in-patient faith-based recovery home for men who struggle with addiction, homelessness and other life-controlling issues. We offer our home free of charge. The RDH doesn’t receive any help from the government and relies solely on fundraising and donations.


Fundraising normally consists of the men from the home going across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and other places selling crosses as well as ministering to those who need prayer and to others struggling with addiction. In the last month, their ability to fundraise has been limited due to Covid-19 virus. For their and the public’s health and safety the home will no longer be going out to fundraise until further notice.


Their housing, food and basic needs are met through fundraising. And the men do not work while they are in the program so they can focus on having life change so they can then go out and be the fathers, husbands and sons their family needs them to be.


We know this is a rough time for everyone financially. However we want to ask any individuals or business owners, if you can, give a donation of any size to keep our men’s home open to these men trying to change their lives. We appreciate all of the support we have received.


We are praying for everyone that has been affected by Covid-19. And we thank everyone who has supported the Rise Home with prayers and donations.


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